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D&D Story

D&D Digital Printing was founded in 2005 by Brenden Ilsley and Chris Dedman. Both directors have been involved in print since 1976 and share a passion for the industry.

Chris Dedman - General Manager

"We focus on solutions for our customers.You will quickly discover that every employee in D&D is down-to-earth and friendly. We avoid complicated processes with customers we keep it simple – we focus on answering your question or solving your problem on the first contact."

Brenden Ilsley - Production Director

My print experience has been mainly acquired on the manufacturing side of the industry. My digital print knowledge and experience proves invaluable on a daily basis overseeing the production of orders to ensure great results are achieved every time. I relish the challenges sometimes faced by production and always adopt an enthusiastic and positive attitude in finding a resolution to any problems. The fast-paced nature of the industry and the rapid advancement of technology, means I am continuously seeking new ways to achieve the best results for our clients.

"I ensure the team are focused on delivering results on time, all of the time. In a nutshell I ensure we produce quality results every day."



Contact Details

Chris Dedman                    General Manager                    chris@dddigitalprinting.com.au

Brenden Ilsley                    Production Manager               brenden@dddigitalprinting.com.au

Sue Carter                          Pre Press/Admin                     sue@dddigitalprinting.com.au

Brian Duncan                     Account Manager                    brian@dddigitalprinting.com.au

Bruce McKenzie                Pre Press                                 bruce@dddigitalprinting.com.au