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Sending Large Files to DD Digital Print Melbourne

Note: Sending large files is a service mostly used by our Existing Account Customers.

If you need to send a very large file related to a website order and were unable to upload the file to the website, please add in the comments box when placing the order how you have sent your file(i.e. FTP, Dropbox) so we can match up the order with the correct artwork.

Once we have clear communication the process is easy.

3 Ways to Send Large Files 1) FTP   2) Dropbox   3) Online Upload Tool

When sending your file please ensure you include:

a) Job Reference    
b) Brief Descriprtion    
c) Contact Details - Telephone & Email

Once we have received your file, we will contact you by telephone or email to confirm all the details.

Please feel free to send an email to info@dddigitalprinting.com.au or phone us on (03) 8669 2674 if you need any help.

1) File Transfer Protocol

If you are unable to see the below FTP detail, please click the following link http://upload.dddigitalprinting.com.au/

Please fill in details below and add your files.

2) Dropbox  dropbox

The best way to send a file via Dropbox is [share link] - see instructions below or click here to read How to Send File in Dropbox

Dropbox Email

sue@dddigitalprinting.com.au or view email contacts

Go to Dropbox find your file that you want to send, click on share link.

DD Digital Printing


Then add Email address sue@dddigitalprinting.com.au and add your message and contact information.

DD Digital Printing

If for some reason you are still unable to send a file, please phone us and we'll guide you through the process or offer an alternative solution.